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Don’t miss the latest info from all of our brands. Thankfully, we’ve been busy the last few months; see what we’ve been up to!

Regal Brands

Nostalgic Warehouse

Nostalgic Warehouse carries unlacquered brass hardware, which has natural antimicrobial qualities that can kill certain viruses and bacteria on contact. This is helpful knowledge in recent times! Nostalgic has also been hard at work producing Project Showcases and creating educational articles to help customers learn more about door hardware.

Grandeur Hardware

Grandeur Hardware has been working with bloggers and social media influencers to help grow the brand. Many of their stories are shared on the Grandeur blog, and we are incredibly thankful for these wonderful partnerships!

Ageless Iron

Ageless Iron debuted barn door hardware this year to add to their catalog of products. Products from Ageless Iron are sold via online and showroom dealers.

All America Threaded Products

We’ve published some educational blogs to help customers learn more about our products and processes. Topics include Why Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel, B7 vs. Grade 8, and All About RoHS. Read more over on the AATP blog!

Perfection Chain Products

The Perfection Chain blog has a ton of helpful articles to help answer chain-related questions. Additionally, there is a new Case Study about their work done with Topgolf. From Types of Finishes for Chain, to How to Hang a Porch Swing, they have it all!

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