All America Threaded Products Releases Brand New Threaded Rod Lineup

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All America Threaded Products (AATP) is thrilled to announce the release of a new product line, GR8HT™ ROD. This highly desirable threaded rod is rolled to create a high-tensile product used for the most demanding projects.


We understand that construction projects often face harsh environmental conditions. That’s why the GR8HT™ ROD is coated with a high-performance corrosion-resistant finish like zinc & yellow and black oxide. This protective layer extends the lifespan of the rod, ensuring it remains strong and functional even in the toughest environments.
GR8HT™ ROD will be available from stock in a variety of lengths. Having a range of in-stock sizes was a priority for AATP as they expanded their threaded rod lineup. They are one of the only threaded rod manufacturers that offer a high-strength material in longer length rods such as 3,6 and 12 feet.


Their manufacturing team has worked for over two years to create the perfect manufacturing cell for GR8HT™ROD. The cell consists of two machine rollers dedicated to only producing GR8HT™ROD. This ensures that the threaded product will be in stock and ready to ship during high-demand times.

Their sales team offers reliable and communicative service to meet all your threaded rod needs. With multiple locations in Lancaster, PA, and Denver, CO, they stock in multiple locations and are ready to fulfill your orders. All America Threaded Products offers large quantities of in-stock threaded rodstudsu-bolts and anchor bolts to custom product capabilities.

GR8HT ROD high tensile threaded rod

At All America Threaded Products, we want to be your supply partner. We strive to provide customized solutions that better serve you and your customers.

Our diverse manufacturing capabilities make All America the number-one choice for domestic threaded products.  In addition to producing more products, we pride ourselves on exemplary customer service.

All America Threaded Products deeply understands the importance of customer relationships. We believe that building credibility is largely a function of consistent performance and fully committing to providing value. Your business is important to us, and we are committed to fostering a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Learn more about GR8HT™ ROD and All America Threaded Products.

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