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Three Acme divisions recently released new products. See below for more info on Nostalgic Warehouse’s new Brass Cabinet Hardware collection, Coyote Landscape Products’ new PerfEdge Homekits, and Perfection Chain Products’ Wire Rope and Aircraft Cable.

Nostalgic Warehouse Releases New Brass Cabinet Hardware

Nostalgic Warehouse has channeled their intricate craftsmanship to launch an extensive line of hardware tailored exclusively for cabinetry in the kitchen, bath and throughout the home. As with their existing heirloom quality door hardware and accessories, the new cabinet hardware is forged from solid brass for exceptional durability. Choose from knobs, pulls, bars or rosettes styled to fit every drawer and cabinet in any décor space. They can be matched to the brand’s existing lines to create a truly memorable design aesthetic, starting at the front door and including every room beyond.

Read the full article over on the Nostalgic Warehouse website.

Brass Cabinet Hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse

Coyote Landscape Products Announces PerfEdge Steel Landscape Edging

PerfEdge steel landscape edging from Coyote Landscape Products is the perfect solution for landscaped areas where water accumulation can occur. The perforated design allows surface water to drain from unwanted locations, keeping areas dry and usable. Use PerfEdge to permanently delineate landscape beds, walkways, and gardens from lawn areas while promoting water movement and drainage. This will help improve plant life while also protecting your home’s foundation from damage due to ponding water.

Read the full article over on the Coyote Landscape Products website.

Coyote Landscape Products PerfEdge in Galvanized Steel

Wire Rope and Aircraft Cable Now Available from Perfection Chain Products

Known for strength and integrity, wire rope uses steel strands for security. The design of wire rope relies on a series of twisted metal strands working together to provide critical durability and security. Perfection Chain’s new high strength steel wire rope and aircraft cable are available in a variety of strand and wire configurations and coating options to protect against corrosion, including electroplated, hot-dip galvanized, and vinyl. Uncoated and stainless steel wire rope and cable are also available.

See the full Wire Rope and Aircraft Cable product list from Perfection Chain Products.

Wire Rope and Aircraft Cable
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