Grandeur Hardware Raises the Bar with Premium Features

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 (Denver, CO) The familiar axiom to “never settle for less” certainly holds true when it comes to selecting fine hardware for the home. As a respected brand built on exceptional quality and craftsmanship, Grandeur Hardware is proud to offer an exquisite line of traditional and vintage-inspired interior sets, entry sets and deadbolts that come standard with premium features that many competitors consider optional. 

New square rosettes, levers and knobs are available from Grandeur Hardware

 Their Concealed Screw Mechanism (CSM) is a perfect example. This popular design cleverly hides the screws that attach rosettes and short plates to the door, resulting in a clean look unmarred by visible fasteners. CSM is now a standard feature for the brand’s compatible hardware lines, which is impressive when compared to others in the industry. As an added benefit, all CSM sets with levers also include a 28-degree latch, which requires less motion to unlatch. This small-yet-significant detail makes Grandeur Hardware lever sets a smart choice for multigenerational households where they will be used by people of varying ages and abilities. A specialized spring-loaded subplate prevents heavy levers from sagging and offers a more reliable performance. CSM sets are easy to install and add a subtle yet distinctive touch to any décor. 

28 degree latch vs standard 53 degree latch
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